October 16, 2021

Fimer will unveil a new home inverter and storage platform

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With the release of new high-capacity storage and high-power inverter platforms for the home market, Fimer hopes to revolutionize the solar sector by providing a future-proof and expandable alternative for all worldwide installations. The new platform, which includes Fimer PowerUNO, PowerTRIO, and PowerX, are going to be on show at Intersolar on stand B5.330 and is aimed to help installers meet the growing demand for the residential solar PV and storage in worldwide markets with the fastest and easiest-to-install solutions available.

The PowerTRIO and PowerUNO inverters combine cutting-edge technology with high-end design to provide a broad range of power options ranging from 2 to 8.5 kW. They also come in single-phase and three-phase configurations that are suitable for both North American and global markets. With one of the greatest power densities in the industry and a tiny and lightweight footprint, the platform’s major benefits are super-fast installation, with multiple easy-to-use plug-and-play connectors allowing for a straightforward installation, making the installer’s task as easy as possible.

It also boasts high-end Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity, as well as a Linux OS that supports local integration with the smart home devices and Electric Vehicle charging, as well as flawless interaction with Fimer’s Aurora Vision cloud. It also includes dedicated blockchain processor, that enables utilities and aggregators to construct custom use cases on top of an inverter without the usage of other devices. This method shortens installation time and lowers the risk of wiring problems.

Fimer PowerX delivers the greatest residential storage capacities available on the market, as demand for storage systems continues to rise. PowerX, which uses a high-voltage modular battery structure, offers a versatile solution for capacity needs of all sizes, up to 48 kWh, with fast and easy installation. Even at maximum capacity, it has a compact overall footprint with a floor stand and wall, and with one module weighing only 33kg, it can be installed by one person.

To appeal to homeowners, even more, Fimer PowerX provides unique option of customizing the curved front cover, giving the technology an Italian design flair by offering several colors to guarantee the battery unit blends in with its surroundings.

“Fimer has a long history of developing revolutionary residential solutions, like the world’s first three-phase or even slimmest residential inverter,” stated Florian Chan, who is the Managing Director of Fimer’s Residential line of business. “By integrating best-in-class Italian architecture with cutting-edge technology, we will transform the experience for homeowners and installers with the ‘Power’ platform.” To ensure the highest degree of reliability, we worked hard to build a fast and super-easy installation. We will considerably simplify the entire installation procedure with Fimer PowerUNO, PowerTRIO, and PowerX. Installers will enjoy the Power platform because it was built for them.”

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