October 16, 2021

Isabel Rodríguez Says Goodbye To Puertollano To Serve Spain

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The future Minister of Territorial Policy and spokesperson for the Executive is committed to working for “equality and coexistence”. The new Minister of Territorial Policy and Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, says goodbye to the mayor of Puertollano.

Isabel Rodríguez said goodbye to the Puertollano mayor’s office this Sunday . Just two years after being in charge of this Castilian-Manchego municipality, Rodríguez has renounced the baton to assume the position as Minister of Territorial Policy and be a spokesman for the Government . Through tears, and in view of the hard work that lies ahead, he has assured that he will work for ” equality and coexistence .”

” I am leaving the Puertollano Mayor’s Office to serve Spain knowing that by contributing to our country I will also be helping our city,” he said. Rodríguez, who was already a spokesman for the Government of Castilla-La Mancha between 2008 and 2011, has stressed that among his objectives is that the Executive “does not lose the perspective of the street.”

The new minister has been convinced that the Government of Sánchez “is committed to a more sustainable development, knowing that the ultimate goal is to care for people “, and to achieve ” a more egalitarian and cohesive society .” In this context, he warned that “the challenge is important and the moment is now”.

“Everything has to be worked on”
“Let’s do it collectively, adding individual commitments,” Rodríguez insisted. “The commitment that I put at the service of the city two years ago I now put at the service of Spain with the aim of achieving happiness in coexistence”, he added, not without sending a message of “confidence” to the future of the city and from the country. ”

Nothing is given to us and everything has to be worked on ; our future will be what we want it to be today and we will work to conquer the future we deserve,” he stressed.

The future minister thanked all her colleagues in the Municipal Corporation for their commitment, asking them to continue working in defense of the general interest and away from “partisanship”, as they have done so far. It will be next Monday, Rodríguez, along with six other new ministers, will promise their positions and the next day they will attend their first Council of Ministers.

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