October 16, 2021

Potential Of The Ibex Already Quadruples Risk Of Falling Project1199

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After several months of seeing how the stock markets rose continuously, leaving the investor with practically no entry option, in recent days this opportunity has reopened due to sales caused mainly by the uncertainty driven by the new rebound in Covid cases. Potential Of The Ibex Already Quadruples Risk Of Falling Project1199

The clearest example is that of the Ibex 35 itself , which has been the most penalized index in the Old Continent due to its greater exposure to the tourism sector. Since the national selective reached its highs for the year on June 14, it has already dropped 8% , reaching lows not seen since mid-April, close to 8,500 points.

The point is that it is now attractive to open positions here again, as the return / risk equation has turned upside down. Joan Cabrero, Ecotrader advisor, indicates that “with the transfer of 8,800 points, we already warned that it was likely to see the Ibex go to 8,500 points, the reach of which we saw yesterday.” “This correction is the same that we saw at the beginning of January, when the Ibex reached 7,700 points,” he adds.

Therefore, it is now on this new support, “whose loss would open the door to a broader correction that would take the Ibex to 8,180 points , which would mean a fall [risk] from the current levels of approximately 4% “, exposes the expert.

On the contrary, the bullish targets for the index have not changed and continue to pass over 10,100 points , which would mean recovering all the losses caused by the pandemic, as most continental indices have already done. Potential Of The Ibex Already Quadruples Risk Of Falling Project1199

The potential rise, therefore, would be more than 18%, quadrupling the risk of falling to the next support, which leaves a favorable equation for those who think about entering the Ibex now. In fact, yesterday Ecotrader opened a position in CaixaBank.

Detached from Europe
Yesterday falls in bag were widespread in the Old World , although it is true that the Dow was, again, that accumulated the greatest decreases, with or na drop 1.5% while the EuroStoxx yielded one percentage point, with So the difference in the year between one reference and another continued to expand and is already close to 10 percentage points, 14 for Europe compared to 5% for the Ibex in 2021.

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