October 16, 2021

HP Will Plant 2000 Trees On Of Burned Land In Castilla y León

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Hp , in collaboration with the Green Areas Association , will help combat the impact of fires in Spain with the reforestation of 40,000 square meters of land burned by fire in Castilla y León.

The “Recover your forest” project consists of recovering the land to be reforested with selective clearing and opening of holes that will facilitate the planting of more than 2,000 trees and forest shrubs of native species of the area and is scheduled to start between October and November of this year in the hands of Green Areas volunteers and HP Spain customers .

According to data published by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, they emphasize that, so far in 2021, the fire has already calcined almost 40,000 hectares of forest area , compared to more than 21,000 in the same period in 2020, marked by the pandemic. In total, more than 5,600 fires were recorded .

The president of the southern European region of HP , Helena Herrero, has described these figures as “madness” and stressed that the fire “takes away the illusions of hundreds of people.” At the same time, he stressed that all these hectares of forest burned by fire “we need” to maintain the natural ecosystem. “It is our commitment to contribute to raising awareness in society, but also our clients, employees and partners about the importance,” he said, to preserve the forest ecosystem for future generations .

For his part, the Director General of Green Areas, Raúl Merino, recalled that fires “destroy ecosystems” and accelerate desertification, water scarcity and land infertility. And he predicted that this will translate “in the not too distant future” into climatic migrations that will affect the “economic and social organization.”

The executive encouraged more companies to take the example of HP and get involved “directly.” Specifically, this HP action is part of the “Sustainable Forests” objective, which consists of planting “one billion trees” in all over the next ten years.

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