October 16, 2021

Colau And PSC Agree With ERC For 83 Projects In Barcelona

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At the end of December 2020 , Barcelona en Comú and the PSC, the alliance that governs the city, and the main opposition party, ERC, closed a pact that allowed the approval of the largest municipal budgets in the history of Barcelona: 3,200 million euros for the year 2021.

One of the points of the commitment included the endowment of an investment fund of 30 million euros for proximity projects in the districts. This is understood to mean direct aid for the rehabilitation of facilities, improvement of public space and the acquisition or expropriation of pieces of public interest agreed with the neighborhood associations and residents.

It was not a question, then, of large investments such as the reform of the Rambla, but of thosesmall, necessary and long-claimed interventions that improve the daily life of the people of Barcelona. Thirty million to distribute two for each of the 10 districts of Barcelona and the remaining 10, according to population and income criteria that this Tuesday have revealed their destination.

The conclusion of the agreement has brought together the three protagonists: the mayor Ada Colau (Barcelona en Comú) and her partner Jaume Collboni (PSC) with the head of the opposition (and, in fact, the most voted candidate in the municipal elections) Ernest Maragall by ERC.

The moment has served to show chest about the ability to reach agreements between different political formations in times of political and social distress. And, as expected, the photograph of the three protagonistsit has also served to speculate on possible agreements on the other side of Plaça de Sant Jaume.

Balls out, until the insistence of the meaning of an image that shows the (municipal) agreement between Comuns, PSC and ERC, has brought out the most resounding Maragall: “So that it remains, once again, repeatedly, consistently and definitely clear: no there is a possible agreement of this type for the Government of Catalonia ”. Point.

Once the gesture has been clarified, the future of an important part of the amount has been shelled, which has among the most outstanding investments 11.5 million destined to improve existing equipment; 4.8 million in implementing new bike lanes and 6.1 in urbanization and pacification of streets; and 2.9 million to be dedicated to the purchase of real estate and premises with the aim of building new facilities and encouraging the economic, cultural and social reactivation of the city.

All agreed and claimed from the territory. And a lot with execution projects that do not foresee the work in this game, but that the city council promises will be addressed. As in the case of the Hivernacle del Parque de la Ciutadella,that the current investment contemplates the definition of a basic project for its recovery, but not the amount for its total and necessary restoration.

The beginning and end are foreseen for others , such as the project to open a new bike lane from Cervantes Park to Palau Reial to continue with the metropolitan vision of connectivity with Esplugues. In total there will be 83 distributed throughout the city.

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