October 16, 2021

Last Days Of Prince Philip The Duke Of Edinburgh

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh , died this Friday at Windsor Castle after two months of health problems that forced him to undergo surgery. On March 16, he left the hospital and from that moment he spent his last days with his wife, Queen Elizabeth II. The British press reveals the details of those last days.

The Daily Mail reports that life in Windsor Castle was adapted to the new needs of the convalescent duke, who spent most of the day sleeping, according to this medium.

Despite everything, the prince’s condition was better than would be expected in a 99-year-old man who had just had a heart operation. The Daily Mail says that recently, his reading glasses fell to the ground. When a footman rushed to collect them, the prince stopped him: “It doesn’t matter, I’ll do it,” and he bent down to pick them up.

The Duke occupied a bedroom overlooking the east garden of Windsor Castle, along with two photos: one of his wife the queen and another of his mother , Princess Alice, who was born in Windsor Castle itself.

If he was well enough to get out of bed, the duke wore a shirt, sweater, perfectly pressed trousers, and clean shoes. Although he had a valet, until almost the last moment the prince dressed himself.

I couldn’t even see the wheelchair
It was difficult for him to walk, but he used a cane, because he flatly refused to use a wheelchair: “Get that damn thing out of my sight!” He said when a wheelchair was brought to his room. On sunny days he would sit in a chair in the garden, covered by a blanket, where he used to fall asleep.

The main concern of the duke in his last days was not to return to the hospital, where he spent 28 days between February and March. So instructions were given to make him feel as comfortable as possible in Windsor , and if that meant changing meal times, that would be done.

The duke was well enough to keep talking to family and close friends on the phone, because unlike the queen, Philip was not a fan of Zoom calls. But he was frustrated that the pandemic prevented him from receiving visitors.

At the beginning of this week he was still reading and writing letters, but his deterioration progressed in recent days to the point that in recent days some actions had been rehearsed in the face of the Duke’s death.

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