October 16, 2021

US Prepares For A Wave Of Supremacist Demonstrations

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The US prepares for a wave of supremacist demonstrations. Protests have been scheduled in several cities in the country and the police fear clashes as anti-racist groups have also called counter-demonstrations.

Under the slogan “white lives matter”, the United States will live a day of white supremacist demonstrations tomorrow Sunday to show its rejection of the slogan championed by anti-racist movements “Black lives matter.” The protests were organized via social networks, Facebook and through the messaging application Telegram , marking as the start time in various parts of the country at 13:00 .

A special police device has been activated to try to prevent violent altercations from taking place, since some counter-demonstrations have also been programmed , such as the one that will take place in Albuquerque (New Mexico).

For now there is nothing that seems to indicate that the marches, if they do take place, will be as crowded as the “Unite Right” in which thousands of neo-Nazis, K u Klux Klan members and far-right extremists took to the streets. from Charlottesville , Virginia, in August 2017 and resulted in multiple deaths.

Demonstrations have been confirmed in New York, Raleig (North Carolina), Chicago, Fort Worth (Texas) . The demonstrations have been called to coincide with the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, charged with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year during an arrest.

“It is no accident that they are coming together to flaunt their racist ideology during the trial of George Floyd’s killer, and at a time of increased violence and misogyny against Asian Americans and the inhumane detention of refugee children at the border.” , point out on Facebook those responsible for the page ” Picket against white supremacy” , another group that has been against the demonstrations.

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