October 16, 2021

PP Redoubles Its Confrontation With Sánchez

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The clash between Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Pedro Sánchez begins to take hold. After a week in which the President of the Government and the PP candidate for 4-M have clashed over vaccines and contagion data, Pablo Casado redoubled the confrontation. ” Sanchismo or freedom , ” declared the popular leader this Saturday before accusing the chief executive of making lies a “way of doing politics.”

At the opening of the congress of New Generations of the PP to elect the popular deputy Beatriz Fanjul as the new president, Casado proposed abandoning the slogan ‘communism or freedom’ - chosen to confront Pablo Iglesias - and replacing it with ‘sanchismo or freedom’, leaving Clear the strategy of confronting Sánchez to mobilize his constituency.

“When you see that there is a community like Madrid, what is at stake is the individual’s ability to be free and that they depend on not having a government that puts the sticks in the wheels, that’s when there is a dichotomy between sanchismo and la freedom, “I emphasize.

Next, he accused Sánchez of “lying” in the middle of the electoral campaign. Specifically, the leader of the PP has referred to the doubts raised by the head of the Executive about the contagion data in Madrid .

“They have made lying a way of doing politics,” he lamented. Díaz Ayuso, the main protagonist of the fight with Sánchez, criticized the change in the PSOE since its alliance with Iglesias, which “has made it so extreme in their policies that they have left him unrecognizable.”

The spot
Ayuso addressed the more than 110,000 young people who have just reached the age of majority and that 4-M will be the first time they vote. He asked them not to “be fooled” by the left that wants to drag Spain “into civil warfare .” He extended his hand to the socialists who are not happy with Sánchez’s management to “build the future without servility or impositions from anyone.”

At the opening of the New Generations Congress, Díaz Ayuso also presented his first campaign advertisement. In the video you can see the popular candidate running through different parts of the Madrid capital in front of open shops, terraces full of people and even in front of the Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital . Finally, the leader of the PP of Madrid arrives before the Real Casa de Correos, in Puerta del Sol, the seat of the regional government.

“Faced with the verbiage and the noise of politics, we only express effort, closeness and facts,” the popular have published next to the spot. “What this video summarizes is the culture of effort,” explained Díaz Ayuso. Married, meanwhile, claimed that the ad expresses “the humility of a woman made herself,” in reference to the PP candidate.

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