October 16, 2021

Justified Travel Allowed Between Andorra And Catalonia

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Justified travel allowed between Andorra and Catalonia. The Generalitat and the Govern d’Andorra agree to free movement across the border between the two countries despite internal mobility restrictions in Catalonia.

The authorities ask that it be only necessary trips and that leisure outings be avoided. Andorrans who arrive in Catalonia will not be able to move from their destination region.

All Andorran citizens who must travel to any municipality in Catalonia for justified reasons will be able to do so without any problem. And vice versa . After the agreement reached by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Govern d’Andorra yesterday, mobility at the border level is free for residents of both territories.

The residents of Andorra can move to Catalunya met, once arrived at destination, the health standards application ; You can only skip the regional confinement to go to and from Andorra , but not during your stay in Catalonia . In the same way, residents of Catalonia can travel to Andorra, and go through different regions while roaming ; For both , the self-responsibility certificate must be completed .

At the same time, both governments make the “firm recommendation” to avoid displacements for justified reasons and within the nuclei of coexistence or usual bubbles , said the head of the Andorran government Xavier Espot . “One thing is what is allowed and the other what is reasonable,” he said, calling for prudence and discouraging leisure travel.

This agreement between Catalonia and Andorra takes place after the conflict prior to Easter in which the Government of Pedro Sánchez intervened . While the Generalitat did not allow border crossings, it was the Spanish executive who agreed with the Andorran the permission to do so. Remember that travel must be justified in both cases, whether you are going to Andorra or coming from there.

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