October 16, 2021

Calvo Accuses Ayuso Of Worrying About How Vox Will Help Him

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Calvo accuses Díaz Ayuso of only worrying about “how Vox is going to help him”. The first vice president denounces the disloyalty of the Madrid president when managing the pandemic.

Gabilondo announces that if he governs in Madrid he will form the first joint Executive in the history of the community.

In the particular struggle that the leaders of the PP and the PSOE maintain in the face of the Madrid elections of 4-M, the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo , has accused the popular candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso , of already thinking form a government with Vox . In addition, he has accused the acting president of the Community of Madrid of not having been loyal in managing the pandemic.

In an act on feminism in which the socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo , also participated , Calvo lamented that Díaz Ayuso only wants to “support a vicarious government, millimeter by millimeter with what Vox thinks and decides, the extreme right that wants to rule over the capital”.

Thus, he stressed that “the PP is defeated” and “dragged” by everything that the extreme right proposes. Along the same lines, he has argued that the women of Madrid are “governed by a woman who cares more about what she thinks and how Vox is going to help her” than what women may need. ” This is the problem we have, ” he declared.

In addition, after the clashes between Díaz Ayuso and Pedro Sánchez in recent days over the distribution of vaccines and data on infections, Calvo has criticized that the popular leader’s strategy “has been to confront in the ‘no why not’ senseless and without reason against the Government of Spain “. “The policy of Madrid cannot be summed up to that, this country needs another type of loyalty and serious coordination ,” he said.

Gabilondo has also insisted on the need to stop the far-right party. “We have to manage to stop the Government of Columbus for women,” he has sentenced after announcing that if he governs in the Community of Madrid he will form the first joint Executive that has had autonomy. In addition, it has committed to approving an Equality Law in the region.

“You are the example of how the men of this party cannot understand personal life or political life without us, without respect for our lives and our decisions,” Calvo replied when introducing him.

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