October 16, 2021

Pere Aragonès Urges Jxcat For The Investiture

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The ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès , has urged JxCat this Saturday to close an agreement that allows the Government to form as soon as possible by ensuring that it is not the time to “kick the ball forward.”

In statements to the press at the party’s headquarters, Aragonès has said that he is “in a position” to join “any conversation” about the inauguration, which negotiating teams carry, if they ask him: “I have no problem doing so.”

ERC and JxCat are entrenched in the pulse to lead the ‘procés’ and move away from the investiture
It is the first time this week that Aragonès has publicly referred to the negotiations with JxCat to try to form the Government, after ERC has changed its strategy and confirmed that it will support Junts deputy Aurora Madaula as a substitute for Jaume Alonso- Cuevillas for the second secretary of the Parlament Table, a gesture with which he hopes to pave the way for an agreement.

“This Tuesday will be 15 days of the second investiture debate. We believe that this is not the time to kick the ball forward, but rather that it is time to close an agreement that allows the formation of the Government,” said Aragonès, who added: ” Setting fixed dates is not good advice. ”

Defend the agreement with the CUP
The ERC candidate has claimed the agreement with the CUP as “a good agreement”, the content of which he considers to be “perfectly acceptable” by Junts. And he said that ERC’s priority is for JxCat to also participate in the Government, when asked about the possibility of a republican government alone: ​​”We want a Government as soon as possible that has the pro-independence parliamentary majority.”

“We are in a situation in which the country has many urgencies, urgencies of a social and economic nature, with a situation caused by the pandemic that presents us with new challenges every day and that needs a Government with all functions,” the candidate stressed by ERC.

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